Montajes Industriales TERMI S.A. is founded. Its founder embarks on a new project after a long experience designing, constructing and erecting systems within the industrial sector.


Our current Technical Director joins the company. This is a great qualitative step forward on both a technical and technological level, thanks to his input in terms of knowledge and experience in managing teams of R&D&I, as well as in the processes of construction, installation and commissioning of steam generation systems.


First biomass power plant fuelled by wood waste for the company Puertas NORMA, through IDAE (Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving).


First installation of a water-tube boiler running on dual fuel (natural gas and fuel oil) for Pirelli Neumáticos.


In the 90s, Termisa supplies several water-tube boilers for the sugar and tires industries mainly. At the same time, we carry out many transformations of existing fuel oil boilers, in some cases switching to natural gas as main fuel, in other cases adding natural gas as secondary fuel.


The Company is selected, among several international competitors, to carry out the repair of the unit 2 of the boiler owned by FECSA ENDESA in Badalona (Spain) after a huge explosion from inside. The repair is carried out with complete success and within less than the scheduled time.


Design, manufacture and erection of the first waste-to-energy plant in Melilla (Spain), which is still active and has been since expanded several times.


Amid company growth, the company expands its facilities and changes its name into TERMISA ENERGÍA, S.A.


TERMISA ENERGÍA S.A. is assigned, by providing the optimum “cost/effectiveness” ratio solution and directly competing against some of the leading multinationals in the industry, the Retrofitting of the waste-to-energy plant owned by TERSA in Barcelona (Spain), which represents a great challenge.

The redesign and optimization engineering of the three existing boilers, as well as installation and on site activities, were entirely responsibility of TERMISA ENERGÍA S.A., together with TÉCNICAS REUNIDAS, who were responsible for executing the civil works and ancillary facilities.

The development of this project involved peaks of more than 300 specialized plant operators, all managed by TERMISA ENERGÍA. The plant shutdown lasted only 4 months.  See project details


TERMISA ENERGÍA carries out one of the largest erections of a waste-to-energy boiler for URBASER in Cantabria, Spain.


TERMISA ENERGÍA S.A. is selected by ACCIONA ENERGÍA to design, supply, manufacture, install and commission two boilers with their related ancillaries.

The first of the two boilers, located in Briviesca, Burgos (Spain), is a plant generating electricity from cereal biomass. The second one, in Miajadas, Cáceres (Spain), is known for being a pioneer in Europe, being the first biomass power generation plant whose main fuel is corn straw, which can be mixed both with herbaceous agricultural waste and wood waste.



TERMISA ENERGÍA is selected by the engineering group SENER for a new turnkey project of a boiler and ancillaries using biomass from energy crops in Spain.

Opening of new markets in Latin America, where the Chilean firm COMASA entrusts us the supply of boiler and ancillaries for its new herbaceous biomass plant. For this project, the boiler and other equipment were prefabricated in modules and shipped.


The efficiency of our straw boilers and our proven experience are critical factors for obtaining a new turnkey contract in Italy, for TOZZI SUD. This is the first straw boiler ever made in Italy.

Present time

TERMISA ENERGÍA specializes in turnkey projects of biomass boilers plants and invests in R&D&I for the development of new technologies, engineering and applicable designs.