3x10 MWe MSW BOILER | Barcelona (SPAIN)


This was the greatest Retrofitting ever carried out in the ECOPARC waste to energy plant located in Barcelona, where we carried out the whole replacement with a new boiler design for all the 3 recovery lines and the reconditioning of all the ancillaries.

The total production of the lines increased by a 30%, from 115 t/h to 150 t/h steam, and the capacity increased by 8 MWth, up to current 32 MWth, which means a consumption of about 15 t/h waste for each line.

The increase of the steam production capacity has allowed the exploitation of about 30t/h extraction steam to supply the heating and cooling network of the so-called Fórum and district 22@ in Barcelona, for a further use of energy with about 14,000 MWhe equivalent per year (Districlima).

The work, carried out with success, represented a technological and organizational challenge, because of the limited time window of production shutdown for the execution of the works, involving the participation of at least 300 operators and qualified technicians, working 24 hours a day in several shifts.

This energy recovery plant has a capacity of total incineration of about 360,000 t/year, serving a big part of the waste management needs for a population of 3,200,000 inhabitants.


This turnkey project involved, for all 3 lines, the optimization redesign, manufacture, supply, erection, and commissioning of:

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Manufacture.
  • Erection.
  • Commissioning and testing.
  • A new system of collection hoppers and pushing cars, for fuel feeding to reciprocating grates, which significantly expanded its capacity
  • Redesign of the combustion, feeding and air distribution systems, for suitable temperatures inside the furnace of about 900 °C, making use of the already existing flue gas treatment
  • A new steam boiler with a new geometry, optimized for the required increase of steam production capacity, all meeting the basic foundation and spatial constraints of the existing building
  • Adjustment of the whole water-steam circuit, including increase of water storage and degassing capacity, installation of new pumps, new flash tank, new networks of pipes, etc.
  • Enhancement of other systems such as bottom ash removal, new interconnections to existing and new turbine, etc.
  • Adjustment of the plant instrument and control systems in order to automate the operation tasks previously performed manually

We carried out the following activities:

  • Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Preparation of the plant technical project.
  • Technical specification and procurement of all materials and equipment.
  • Manufacture of boiler and its auxiliary equipment and piping.
  • Installation of all equipment and systems.
  • Operation testing.
  • Commissioning.
  • Design of control system.
  • Theoretical and practical training of the plant operating personnel in terms of developments of operation parameters prior to the retrofitting