10 MWe MSW BOILER | Meruelo (SPAIN)


This project was part of a broader, comprehensive municipal and industrial solid waste treatment project composed of a recycling and composting plant and a waste to energy plant.

TERMISA ENERGÍA was assigned the complete erection of the waste to energy plant, using the rejection coming from the recycling and composting plant (RDF – refuse-derived fuel) as main fuel. This represents about the 50% of the total weight of material entering the plant to be treated.

This plant consists of a steam boiler with capacity to incinerate about 15 t/h of waste and to generate 85,000,000 kWh per year.

The recovery plant is part of a comprehensive solution for a sustainable management of approximately 125,000 tonnes of non-recycled waste, serving a community of 590,000 people.


The work mainly consisted in:

  • The erection of the steam boiler.
  • The erection of all boiler ancillaries, pipe networks for the water-steam circuit and other systems.
  • The erection of the gas treatment system.
  • The erection of the metal structures supporting all the previous equipment.
  • Operation testings.
  • Technical assistance for the commissioning.
  • Preparation of the erection technical project.