3 MWe MSW BOILER | Melilla (SPAIN)


This plant consists of a high flexibility steam boiler which, through a classic reciprocating grate combustion system, is able to incinerate about 5 t/h of waste within a range of 7 to 12 MWth, according to the composition of the waste itself. Its strong design requires a low level of prior fuel selection.

The plant, which works primarily with municipal solid waste, is also used for the treatment of hospital waste, waste oil, tires, bulky objects such as furniture and other debris. Through a system of flue gas scrubbing, ash collection and bottom ash recycling, it constitutes an efficient solution from an environmental point of view, when compared to other options.

The furnace and air feeding system designs prevent molten ash from adhering and guarantee optimal temperatures for the exploitation of the whole heating potential, as well as adequate flue gas temperatures, which are particularly relevant for emission control.

On the other hand, the boiler is equipped with suitable mechanisms for run-time cleaning of the heat transfer surfaces, designed to minimize the boiler maintenance and cleaning needs, with a general strength which limits its exposure to shutdowns and failures.

The plant provides a comprehensive solution for a community of 85,000 people with a capacity to handle 40,000 tonnes of waste a year.


This turnkey project mainly consisted in:

  • The steam boiler.
  • Boiler ancillaries such as water feeding tank, flash-tank, air heater, auxiliary diesel fuel system, ash percussion cleaning system, etc.
  • Piping for water, steam and condensation circuits as well as for all other ancillaries.

We carried out the following activities:

  • Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Preparation of the plant technical project.
  • Technical specification and procurement of all materials and equipment.
  • Manufacture of boiler, its ancillaries and piping.
  • Installation of all equipment and systems.
  • Operation testings.
  • Commissioning.
  • Assistance for the design of the control system.
  • Documentation and technical assistance for the legalization.
  • Theoretical and practical training of plant operation personnel.