The combustion takes place in a water cooled vibrating grate, with high speed and temperature air injection, resulting in a high efficiency boiler.

The elements of the steam boiler and its ancillaries were transported by boat from the European Union. All the components have been modularly designed and the most part has been prefabricated in order to minimize the end client’s financial investment for the shipment and later installation on site activities, where we assisted the owner overseeing the equipment installation, commissioning and testing activities.

The strength and simplicity of our designs are a guarantee of maximum system reliability and availability, as well as of easy operation and maintenance, with minimal need of spare parts supply from abroad.

This plant is owned by COMASA and was commissioned as an expansion of the existing facilities (Lautaro II) in order to double the energy generation capacity.

The excellent location of the plant, nearby a highway network suitable for the supply of biomass from different suppliers in the country, allows it to be connected to the SIC power grid (Chile Central Interconnected System), providing clean and safe energy. This way complying to the Chilean law of State building, which states that as of 2024, at least a 10% of companies’ electricity consumption must come from non-conventional renewable energies.


This turnkey project mainly consisted in:

  • Biomass transport and feeding system.
  • Steam boiler and ancillaries.
  • Flue gas treatment system.

We carried out all the following activities:

  • Basic and detailed engineering for the construction.
  • Technical specification and procurement of all materials and equipment.
  • Modular manufacturing for shipment and export.
  • Supervision of erection of all equipment and ancillaries.
  • Assistance for commissioning and testing.
  • Control system architecture.
  • Theoretical and practical training of plant operation personnel.