This plant consists of a steam generating boiler fuelled by poplar and eucalyptus wood with high alkali content, a biomass derived from energy crops.

The combustion takes place in a water cooled vibrating grate, with high speed and high temperature air injection, resulting in a high efficiency boiler.

This boiler uses a steam reheating cycle and an optimal gas filtering system for environmental protection, among other technologies, which makes it one of Spain’s most modern plants generating power from forest biomass.

The strength of our equipment guarantees the maximum availability of the plant while the simplicity of our designs guarantees a high degree of reliability, as well as easy operation and maintenance.

The steam boiler and ancillaries have been integrated in a building, also within the scope of the works, where all the elements are coordinated in order to reduce interferences and unnecessary costs, resulting in a compact, efficient and minimum-cost implementation for the end client.

The plant is owned by ENCE, is located in the province of Badajoz (Spain) and can generate about 160 million kWh per year, enough to meet the electricity needs of about 65,000 people.


This turnkey project mainly consisted in:

  • The biomass feeding system.
  • The steam boiler and its ancillaries.
  • The gas suction system and stack.

We carried out the following activities:

  • Basic and detailed engineering for the construction.
  • Technical specification and procurement of all materials and equipment.
  • Modular manufacturing for a faster erection.
  • Installation of all equipment and ancillaries.
  • Commissioning and testing.
  • Control system architecture.
  • Documentation and technical assistance for the legalization.
  • Theoretical and practical training of plant operation personnel