2x150 Tn/h NATURAL GAS / OFF-GAS BOILER | Tarragona (SPAIN)


For this project we manufactured 2 new, 2 flue gas passes, HCFM-type, water-tube boilers with a high superheated steam production capacity, typically consisting of:

  • 2 drums.
  • 1 cooled combustion furnace.
  • 1 2-passes superheater.
  • 2 convection steam bank.
  • 1 economizer.

Each boiler was equipped with 3 burners of our own design with capacity for burning different fuels, as well as all the elements of regulation and control for combustion and boiler.

This project included the installation of ancillaries of the water steam system:

  • Feeding water tank and degassifier.
  • Condensate tanks.
  • Piping systems and other systems, such as air/gas ducts.
  • Silencers, etc.


  • Detailed engineering for boiler manufacturing.
  • Preparation of the plant technical project.
  • Manufacture of pressure parts.
  • Installation of the boiler, ancillaries and piping systems.
  • Control and regulation elements.
  • Operation testing.
  • Commissioning of the equipment.