The combination of knowledge and experience of our staff has been the basis for the creation of an Engineering Department with its own technology, able to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and to develop quality projects the fastest, most economic and effective way.

TERMISA ENERGÍA Engineering Department is provided with specific design software allowing to define and dimension boilers, tanks, piping and other systems and equipment, in compliance with the guidelines laid down in the applicable codes and reference regulations, both Spanish and International.

Our Know-how:

  • Design of equipment and pressure parts.
  • Thermodynamic and heat-transfer calculations for boilers and other heat exchangers.
  • Study of boiler performance and other parameters for plant improvement / retrofitting
  • Fluids mechanics in general and for water-steam circuits specifically.
  • Piping systems flexibility study.
  • Combustion calculations and equipment design for the use of new fuels
  • Design and improvement of boiler ancillaries’ mechanic systems
  • Structures calculations
  • Virtual plant design


In order to develop our projects, we can count on the most current 3D software tools for the equipment and plants virtual design, which allow us to foresee any interferences among plant systems thus reducing unnecessary costs, in order to obtain coordinated, compact and efficient facilities, implying a minimum economic investment from our end client.